Cave 1

The UTD Cave Diver is a combination of Cave 1 and Cave 2. This class can be taken as a complete Cave Diver class, or can be split up into Cave 1 and Cave 2, at the end of which the student is certified as a Cave Diver. The course is designed to educate and refine skills within the cave environment to

protect the cave. This is achieved through an intense diver education program that acquaints individuals with an understanding of established cave conservation procedures and an appreciation for the subtle dangers often associated with this overhead diving. This course covers advanced principles of cave diving, continuing with the skills and knowledge required to penetrate and navigate the underwater cave environment. Training includes an emphasis on awareness, cave dive planning, cave environments, stress management, navigation, T’s, Jumps, Gaps, conservation, standard procedures, emergency procedures, techniques, problem solving, and the hazards of cave diving. Upon completion of Cave Diver parts 1 and 2, divers will be considered to be a fully qualified Cave Divers, their certification will no longer expire (if they did Cave 1 prior), and they will be able to safely penetrate and navigate the cave, not only following and exploring the mainline but many of the side passageways and tunnels that make up this underwater labyrinth, while using no more than 1/3rd of their gas for penetration. UTD does not assume that cave training is for everyone. In fact, only very capable divers, who are quite comfortable in the water, should consider this form of diving. Note: The entire Cave Diver training curriculum (parts 1 and 2) can be combined into a single 5/6 day program.

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Cebu City
27 February , Saturday 11:00

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