Building Designs: How Lethbridge Architecture has Borrowed From History and Innovated Our Present.

Jonathan Legg will be discussing Building Designs: How Lethbridge architecture has borrowed from history and innovated our present.

The presentation will include visuals and discussion of various important buildings in Lethbridge architecture from the 1800s to present with allusions and comparison of

examples from architectural or interior design history. This will show how we both borrowed from architectural history for our purposes while also innovating in our own unique expressions.

Biography: Jonathan Legg has been an Art & Design instructor for 18 years, an Artist, primarily as a stone sculptor, for 22 years, and a curious child for his whole life. He has a Master's Degree in Education in Creativity in Adult Education, Bachelor's Degrees in Education and Arts, in Art and English, and a passion for people, creative activity, thinking and communication. He has a great wife and two kids, enjoyed Lethbridge as his community all his life and owns a 95 year old Lethbridge home. He is looking forward to sharing his education, experience and passion in this presentation.

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255 Britannia Blvd West, T1J 4A3
26 January , Tuesday 19:00

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