Brutal Alberta vol.1w/ Drawn and Quartered, Witches Hammer, Vermin Womb,

The Brutal Alberta Group brings you a hard hitting 2 day underground showcase with exclusive acts from around western Canada and America,

Returning to Calgary for the second time is DRAWN AND QUARTERED, active since 1993 Seattles Drawn and quartered has indeed been a highly underrated

band through its existence. Formed by kelly Kuciemba and Herb Burke , this death metal three piece has been pummelling alongside the likes of Morbid Angel , Nile, Incantation , and Immolation for decades, with not a single weak release under their belt they continue to destroy with their most recent full length FEEDING HELLS FURNACE and ,putrid decaying tape demo PROLIFERATION OF DISEASE. Welcome these Seattle maniacs back on July 14.

In 1984,Vancouver BC experienced the beginning of the insane original speed metal act WITCHES HAMMER, active till 1990 the band released countless albums that shook the underground.Formed by Marco banco , and Ray and John Prizmic the band went from opening and playing for bands such as Exciter, Metal Church, and The Accused, to forming and influencing infamous underground acts such as PROCREATION , BLASPHEMY, and TYRANTS BLOOD. Witness the Heavy metal Rise Above and crush Calgary for the first time in 30 years

Emerging from the green haze of the Colorado Rockies is Deathgrinders VERMIN WOMB, hailing from denver Colorado since 2014 these new comers are definitely experienced in their on stage assault, featuring members of familiar heavy doom touring act Primitive Man , and former members of Withered, these guys know what it takes to tear faces off, this is their first canadian appearance . Their album Decline released in 2016 is an original dose of grinding Death , Worship the denver death July 13th.

Line up:
July 13, ...The scum lives on

VERMIN WOMB (Denver Black Death grind)

WAKE (Calgary death grind )

ASSIMILATION(Vancouver Death metal)

FEEDING(Edmonton Death grind)

LUTHERAN(Saskatoon Black Death )

MURK(Calgary Doom)

GORGOS(Edmonton gore grind)

TED BUNDY(Medicine hat Death )


JULY 14...Darkness Rises
DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Seattle brutal Black Death)

WITCHES HAMMER (Ancient Vancouver speed metal)

DIRE OMEN(Edmonton Death metal first Calgary show in years)

GOATHAMMER(Saskatoon war metal, their return to Calgary since striking down with Mystifier in 2016)

AMPHISBAENA(Edmonton Black/Death metal, featuring members of Rites of Thy Degringolade, Antediluvian,,Revenge,)

DREAR (Incanting 2 piece Death doom from Calgary, first appearance)

PHYLACTERY (Edmonton death thrash)

CULTIST(Calgary old school death metal)

PECADO(Calgary Black Death)

18+ $20

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3828 MacLeod Trail S., T2G 2R2
13 July , Friday 19:05

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