Bridge of Smash

The first ever Lethbridge Smash School tournament spanning
smash 64, melee, P:M and sm4sh in singles and doubles.
The cost will be 10$ to enter all events exept 64 where it will be 5$, with all doubles events being 10$ per team, a 1$ venue fee is also involved.
located in room M1035 in Markin hall.

will have 9 CRT's and 5 flats that are built into the room, so BRING SETUPS.
For rules we will be using the Paragon defaults for the rules found here Winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals will be Bo5, the rest being best of 3. smash 64 rules found here
We will be prepping everything, and playing all friendlies on the 22nd, and as the room will be locked overnight TV's can stay the night in the room.

Saturday; Sm4sh and PM (AND MYSTERY OMG)
10:00am Registration opens
11:00am Sm4sh doubles starts
11:30pm P:M Doubles starts
2:30pm P:M Singles starts
3:30pm Sm4sh Singles starts
5:00pm Mystery Tournament starts

Sunday; Melee and 64
10:00am Registration Opens
11:00am Smash 64 doubles starts
12:00pm Melee Doubles starts
2:00pm Smash 64 singles starts
3:00pm Melee Singles starts

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4401 University Drive, T1K 3M4
23 January , Saturday 12:00

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