Breaking Through the Barriers of Unresolved Grief

Grief is a deeply painful, lonely, and isolating experience for many of us. When someone we love dies or a relationship ends due to divorce or some other circumstance, we often feel unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with our emotions.

Sadly, we haven't been taught the information on how to heal from

loss in a healthy and healing manner. Instead, we are told to "move on", "keep busy", "be strong", "wait for time to heal" and eventually, to "get over it". All of this misinformation further isolates us in our pain and distracts us from our emotional healing. Over time, we may develop a strong relationship to our pain and begin to believe that healing is not possible. We stop participating in life and sadness becomes our new normal.

The good news is, your grief does not have to be a life sentence. There are tools that can help you to move beyond the pain and heal your heart after loss.

We invite you to join our Director and Registered Psychologist, Ashley Mielke, for an emotional, engaging, and educational heart-to-heart talk on how to break through the barriers of unresolved grief to emotional healing and recovery.

At this powerful one-hour talk you will learn about,

- what grief is
- different types of loss
- normal reactions to loss
- emotional incompleteness
- myths of grief
- academy award recovery
- short-term energy relieving behaviours
- signs of unresolved grief
- impact of unresolved grief
- three "F"s of grief
- keys to healing, and
- grief recovery

Visit to order your free ticket today.

For more information about Ashley Mielke and the transformational work of her team, visit

We look forward to seeing you there.

From Our Hearts to Yours,

The Grief and Trauma Healing Team

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7128 Ada Boulevard, T5B 4E4
07 December , Thursday 19:00

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