An Eco Yoga Adventure with Roger Pressman
Playa Bonita, Colombia

The Experience
Harness vibrant energy on a private stretch of Colombia, where an endless beach and virgin rainforest collide. Experience the power of the Sierra Nevada Mountains while relaxing under cascading waterfalls.

Renew your spirit of adventure by day and nurture your body in chic rustic beachside cabanas by night.
When: March 25- April 2, 2016

Destination: Playa Bonita, Colombia

7 Nights Accommodation in Beachside Bungalows
2x Daily Yoga Practice
3x Daily Locally inspired meals
Local Transfer from Santa Marta Regional Airport
Day excursion to Tayrona National Park
Adventure to sacred waterfalls
Soak and tube down tropical mountain river
Cost: airfare not included

$1726 Shared Room
$2070 Private Room


Required Deposit: $850
Roger Martin-Pressman has a passion for balance. His life has been full of adventures challenging his sense and understanding of Self in the greater world. Roger teaches from his extensive experience with the physical body and uses his knowledge to open practitioners to new possibilities.
Roger started exploring the potential in physical practices as a young teenager. Through studies in physiology and exercise he discovered yoga as a holistic practice that brings elements of consciousness and spirituality into greater balance with the body.
Roger teaches to empower his students to connect to their highest potential.
"Sustainability for increased potential." The sanskrit word "stitihi" means preservation, sustenance, or maintenance. When we expand our consciousness of that which sustains us, we can make the choices of how to increase what we're capable of. In discovering and connecting to our full potential, we can open to infinite possibilities and create what we deeply desire in our lives.
Roger will guide us through a journey of asanas and pranayama to connect, expand and evolve our energies and align with purpose and potential.


Playa Bonita Eco Cabanas is a beautiful collection of sustainable and chic eco cabins gently nestled between miles of endless Caribbean coastline and lush, green mountains. Each one designed with local materials, private bathrooms, and a welcoming and comfortable tropical decor. Located directly on the beach with the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains to its back, Playa Bonita is the perfect place to harness the relaxing vibrations of the sea and the power of the mountains.

The Caribbean coast of Colombia and Tayrona National Park is one the most stunning coastlines in Latin America. This remote paradise is a remarkably virgin system of crystal clear rivers, turquoise beaches, abundant rainforest, and a roof of a billion stars to light up the Colombian sky at night. Tayrona is quickly becoming a hot spot destination among adventurers from all over the world. Experience its magic now.


There are few places on earth in which one can experience the dramatic forces of nature like the Sierra Nevada. An enormous mountain chain that erupts to nearly 20k ft. just miles from the coastline, the Sierra Nevada are ranked by Science magazine and National Geographic as one of the most “irreplaceable places on Earth”, due to the region’s abundance of biodiversity and ecoystems. The Sierra Nevada is also considered to be one the most powerful energic and spiritual regions in the Americas. Home to four indigenous groups (Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwa, Kankuamo,) , the dramatic views of the entire Caribbean coast, the lush forests teaming with wildlife, and the sacred waterfalls and purifying pools will take you to a place - physically, mentally and spiritually that you have never been.


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25 March , Friday 18:00

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