Book signing: The Odyssey Of A Purple Heart Vet James Willis Okinawa World War II/WWII Army

The Odyssey Of A Purple Heart Vet
by James Beverly Willis
WWII Veteran
Military Memoir
226 Pages
9" x 6"
NEW Paperback

ISBN: 9781499102451

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This is a true, intriguing love story of a young soldier

for his Creator, family, and country. As a young
boy growing up on the back roads of a farming community in rural Indiana, James and his brothers
were taught many skills that came with farming as well as learning to hunt. His dad taught him how to
use a rifle well and even how to listen to the woods and nature around him; because of this youthful
experience he earned the "Expert Rifleman" badge in the army. He was an outstanding friend, a man
of unique character, James was a person who could always be trusted to "have your back!" Although
he was an ordinary young man living in an extraordinary time, he never lost the sense of who he was
at heart-and his faith in God. His quiet, unassuming, yet engaging personality propelled him to a
different world he never knew, or could have ever imagined. The reader will be amazed and intrigued
by the stories told in vivid detail- captured through the eyes of a young soldier while serving with the
77th Infantry Division of the army in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

James B. Willis graduated from Indiana University School of Education in 1949 with a Bachelor's
degree in mathematics and physics. Additional studies earned him a certificate also to teach general
elementary grades. He then completed studies in School Administration at Indiana University
Graduate School in 1952 which certified him as an elementary and high school principal in the
Indiana Schools. Previous credits transferred from Purdue University and later studies at the
University of North Carolina contributed to the administrative degrees. Mr. Willis worked in the
above areas of certification in the Indiana Public Schools for thirty years.

Book includes:
How Christian faith and Bible scriptures sustained him through his military experience.
History of his family life in Willisville, Indiana (also know as Clark's Station) near Petersburg.
Nine Mile Camp (near Missoula, Montana) where he spent the summer of 1942 fighting forest fires.
Experiences in WWII and the Battle of Okinawa fighting on the front lines.
Shuri Castle, Iwo Jima, Saipan
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