Body Futures Racine CD release w/OUT and The Glacial Speed!

Milwaukee power-popsters BODY FUTURES celebrate the release of their new CD, Maybe It's Just the Weather! We've been working on this release for quite some time and are stoked to share it with you, as well as celebrating with some of our best buddies!

BODY FUTURES (Milwaukee/Madison, WI)

take a moment to honor those bands that refuse to play the kind of music that typically gets streamed on NPR. Let’s take a moment to pay tribute to bands that stick to their noisy, straight-up rock-and-roll guns in the face of a never-ending sea of folk, electro-pop, and electro-folk-pop. Let’s take a moment to remember that not all bands play music in hopes of “making it” or getting “discovered.” Let’s take a moment to listen to the debut album from Milwaukee’s Body Futures, Brand New Silhouettes, an album created by a band that makes music for the sake of making music, and an album that dares to be willfully, gleefully, and thoroughly original. Let’s also not forget that this is a band that counts an effects-drenched autoharp among its musical arsenal."
--Milwaukee Record, about our last album

OUT (Kalamazoo, MI)
"Kalamazoo’s OUT features Chafe Hensley, TJ Larmee, Mark Larmee, and Ike Turner. OUT grew naturally out of a couple of areas: the relegation of Chafe, Mark and Ike’s other band, Minutes, to cryogenic stasis, and the icing of the short-lived Shark Beach." (Comedy Minus One Records)
OUT are an injection of hope and a breath of life in a time where hope is at a premium and breathing is a chore.

The Glacial Speed formed in late 2014 in Milwaukee when singer, Ashley Altadonna, and bassist, Mike Carey, began collaborating again after nearly a decade hiatus from their former band, New Blind Nationals.

They brought on drummer Emily Agustin and guitarist/keyboardist, Christopher Van Gompel (IfIhadaHifi) to round out their line-up. They began playing shows that following summer. The Glacial Speed combines elements of indie rock, alt-country, folk, and noise rock to create a sound all their own.

More ridiculous "how does this work" hip-swiveling segues and batshit mash-ups than you can shake your booty at!

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331 Main St, 53403
03 February , Saturday 21:00

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