A 12-day Journey into the Efflorescence of your Being

May 3-15, 2016

You are a magnificent being. From the birth of your soul and throughout the ages you have lived, and you have made choices along countless pathways. In certain areas of your being you have matured into your brightness, in

others you’ve been experiencing a period of germination, while in other areas there are seeds that have yet to be sown.

Like a flower, your inner LIGHT, your very BEING, has been preparing to BLOSSOM.

What deeper gifts are asking to come forth?

Blossoming is all about maturing in the many and varied aspects of our being, allowing out light to shine unrestricted in its beauty, harmony, and true essence.

Connecting into and expressing our true nature requires that we move into harmony with nature and its powerful cycles that have existed since before we came into being on this planet.

What energies have you been feeding and watering?

For a flower to BLOSSOM, it needs food and water. During every moment we are at choice. With every decision we can elect to feed a pattern or area of life that does not serve our soul and purpose, or we can choose to NOURISH the areas and elements that bring LIFE to our being, vitalizing our purpose and strengthening our light, body, mind, emotions and spirit.


During these 15 days, we will delve into the magic and the mysticism of the Japanese Hanafuda Flowers. In Japanese, hana means flower and fuda means card. Simply expressed, hanafuda means “flower cards”. Popular in Japan, Korea, and beyond, these cards have existed for a few hundred years, however their origins are ancient, and in each of the flowers is contained a profound teaching.

The 12 Flowers of the Hanafuda connect to areas of our DNA that reveal our true nature and serve to harmonize our inner and outer cycles with the cycles of the Sun and the waters of the Moon.

In this retreat you will work and play intimately with the Hanafuda, in an exquisite awakening and enlivening of the nature of your being.

As part of the experience, you will receive all 12 of the 4-part Hanafuda Activations (a total of 48 activations). These activations:

*Bring to life gifts and aspects of the soul with beauty and grace.

• Activate the BLOSSOMING of your BEING in the various areas of your life.
• Activate the creation of openings.
• Awaken opportunities to shine.
• Nourish and vitalize the soul.
• Harmonize the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies with the LIFE-GIVING cycles of nature.
• Seed Light in areas that have lain dormant or been covered with shadow.

Are you ready to nourish and give life to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in alignment with your soul?

YOU WILL LEARN or Experience:

• Specialized work with the Hanafuda Devas
• Hanafuda Healing
• Flower Card Divination
• Life-giving practices with cycles and timing
• Amazing discoveries about your true nature
• Identification of Natural energies
• A natural, fun, and powerful method of aligning with the Law of Attraction.
• Discernment between energies that feed and do not feed you.
• Surprises

The Blossom Retreat includes:
• Daily Yoga
• 14 days of Learning, Nourishing, and Receiving Activations
• 1 Free Day to relax at the resort or explore the area
• A deck of Hanafuda cards
• A class manual
• Tools for transformation
• Inner Exploration
• Time in Nature
• Fun, Play, and Spontaneity
• 2 massages/body treatments
* 48 activations

Emerge from this retreat transformed. You will be amazed at what happens!

Nourish your heart, mind, body and soul as you allow your true nature to BLOSSOM.

The BLOSSOM retreat will take place at the beautiful 5-Star Phuket Panwa Resort in Phuket, Thailand.

Investment: US $5600.
Includes food, yoga, and all retreat activities and activations, and lodging based on double room occupancy. For an additional fee you may request a single room.

To enroll in this powerful retreat, or for more information, please contact Selena at

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