Bill of Rights - Happy 225th Birthday!

December 15th will mark the 225th anniversary of the ratification of our Bill of Rights.

In honor of this event, there will be a party with food, entertainment and the chance to exercise the rights found in the 1st & 2nd Amendment.

Bring your firearms and show them off (event locations should allow

firearms to be present), but first confirm legality with local organizers and legal counsel if necessary.

Got something to say? Get up to five minutes of uninterrupted "soap box" time to speak your piece, or even say a prayer to whatever god or goddess you choose.

Got a flag or a book, or some other symbol you'd like to burn as a political or social statement? Whether it's an American flag, Confederate flag, a Bible, Koran, or other holy book, feel free to do so in a bonfire prepared for just that purpose. Don't have something of your own? We'll try to have token flags and books for you to use in exchange for a small donation.

This is in the infancy of the planning stages, and I'll take all the help and direction I can get to see that a massive national celebration happens.

If we love our Bill of Rights, then EVERYONE should have the rights we want to have for ourselves that are governed by these first two amendments. Yes, we know that these rights are not unlimited, which is why we will be seeking to obtain any necessary and proper permitting prior to the events.

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Various Locations - Nationally
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15 December , Thursday 00:00