Big Fun Fest 2018: DNAS Presents Uranium Club and Guests

Big Fun & Disco Needs a Squeeze Present:

Uranium Club (Minneapolis, MN)
​Sharpen your pencils, pseudo intellectuals, the Uranium Club is coming. Formed in 2014, The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band sounds exactly like Wire and exactly like Devo and exactly like the Randoms and exactly like Total Control

and exactly like the Shitty Limits and exactly like Eddy Current and exactly like The Fall without Mark E. Smith's languidness. It's like the Sex Pistols misfiring. The Prodigal Sons are leaving the clubhouse to sew their wild oats and bring us the mid-grade stuff we've come to love so much.

​WHIP is an aggressive, bratty punk band from Winnipeg influenced by early Rough Trade, Kleenex and late ‘70s California teen punks Redd Kross.

Reality Group
​From the top of North America comes glorious, squirrely, computer music. Synth-tinged, loose, and angular punk rock, jangly and eerie guitars with jumpy noodle-y parts punctuated with spoken, dry, catchy vocals. Great band, does not sound like Stan Rogers.

​Frantic, scathing, bratty punk from Winnipeg, MB. “Fully pogo-able” -​

​Let's go

Doors 9:30

Scorcher 10:15
Honey 10:45
Reality Group 11:15
Whip 12:00
Uranium Club 12:30

Advance tickets are $15 at Music Trader, The Handsome Daughter and


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61 Sherbrook St, R3C 2B2
27 January , Saturday 21:30

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