Beyond the Gates V

Greetings everyone. First names for Beyond the Gates 2016 and Early Bird tickets available now!

To coincide with the five years anniversary, the festival will be expanded to four days, starting Wednesday the 24th of August, wrapping up the following Saturday on the 27th of August. Expect four days of

total metal mayhem with lots of surprises, great parties and a bunch of fantastic gigs.To wet your appetite, we’ve announced three bands today, Secrets of the Moon, Urfaust and Magister Templi. Tons of exciting announcements will follow in the coming months!

As of now you can chose between a discounted four day pass (NOK 1200,-) or a discounted three day pass (NOK 1000,-). Only available in December, as long as stock lasts.

Get them here:

Formed in 1995, German Secrets of the Moon has offered spellbinding, occult tinged doom metal for close to 20 years now. With albums such as 2009s «Privilegivm» and recent «Seven Bells», Secrets of the Moon has carved out their own niche in an at times creatively stale scene. On December 4th the Germans will unleash their sixt studio album, «Sun». Here is what they have to say about it: «In the wake of existential experiences, the new line-up created the band’s boldest and most intense album to date. On «Sun», Black Metal is less of a dogma but intuitively transferred into a context of universally dark music, expressing the artists‘ spiritual catharsis and growth without restrictions.»

Urfaust is quickly becoming one of the most reverred and cherished bands in the metal underground. The Dutch duo has honed their craft since their inception in 1999 and we’re very excited to have them on board for our anniversary. From the horses mouth: «Urfaust is an occult audial vessel of delirious madness that was invoked in 1999. Ranging from Cruel Black Metal Ambient to Bombastic Drone Rituals, to minimalistic low-fi Black Magick: Urfaust does it all.»

With theit second album, Norwegian Magister Templi has established them selves at the fore front of occult heavy metal. We’re extremely happy to have them on board for the anniversary edition of Beyond the Gates. Their latest effort «Into Duat» has overwhelmed both critics and fans, and has made them regulars at the year end best of-lists. Beware, these guys knows how to put on a show.

Beyond the Gates V will also see the debut gig of Ritual Death.
"Born from the fires of frustration, a simple offering and celebration to the Daimonic and Adverse spirit in us, a primitive worship of the only God that humanity never were able to Kill. This is Ritual DEATH." Demo to be released on 7"EP early 2016.

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Christiesgate 14, 5015
24 August , Wednesday 19:00

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