Beach Party Comedy's Benefit for TJ Reilly

Come out for Beach Party Comedy's January show! This month will feature an outstanding cast of Philadelphia Improv and Stand-up comedians! All proceeds of this show will go towards supporting TJ Reilly and his fight against cancer. More information is listed below. Please come out and support TJ and

his family.

Support TJ Reilly!

TJ Reilly is a smart, fun, and loving 12 year old boy local to the Philadelphia area diagnosed with a rare and inoperable type of brain cancer called Gliomatosis Cerebri. This type of cancer is resistant to treatment, and the tumor is not like others. Tumors occurring in this the of cancer threads into the surrounding brain tissue making them difficult to remove with surgery or treat with radiation & chemotherapy. Fewer than 100 cases are diagnosed in the US each year.

Currently, TJ is in the good hands of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He suffered from seizures as a side effect of the cancer and his last big episode unfortunately landed him in the hospital while visiting family in the DC-area. He’s currently on sedation but being weaned off so that doctors can assess him and decide on what next steps can be taken. He is also currently on a ventilator to breathe and sodium to help keep swelling in his brain down (which is one of the bigger dangers he faces from the seizures right now).

Set List:
Dan Coyle (Stand-up)
Loveseat (Improv)
Brian Guay (Stand-up)
Where The Trees Are (Improv)
Robert Rule (Stand-up)
No Ghosts? (Improv)
Side B!tch (Dance/Comedy)
Warm Town (Improv)

▼ Show More Information

1225 Montrose Avenue, Rosemont, PA, 19010
adress is not specified
15 January , Friday 20:00