BattleSim: Legion Airsoft Events - Bramley Training Area

Legion Airsoft Events BattleSim

Operation Relocate

8 hour, non stop BattleSim
Limited ammo and medic rules in place
£55 per head


Bramley Training Area
Campbell Road
RG26 5BQ

Date(s) - 05/05/2018
07:30 am

- 6:00 pm

Following the white wash defeat the 10th Legion sustained at Operation Relocate, the 10th Legion troops are gunning for vengeance.

The Bramley Ammunition Facility (BAF) turned into a brutal killing ground as the Barbarian forces pushed from Longmoordon through BAF to take on the lightly manned 10th Legion troops. The Barbarian forces relentlessly beat back the 10th Legion troops, but now they have regrouped and are looking to take back their ammunition facility…
Our BattleSim events are a non stop, 8 hour battle day, with military style objectives, medic systems, and team work.

These events are designed to be fun, and action packed, where teams will win points for achieving objectives.
These are not MilSim’s and are not Skirmishes. They are a half way between, catering for all types of players.

The team with the most points at the end of the day, will be declared the winners.

**If booking for multiple people, please state their names in the notes section at checkout.

Minimum Age: 16

10th Legion (Desert): MTP/MultiCam, Desert Tiger Stripe, Tan solid colours, Desert Digital, Desert DPM, all Tan based colours. NO ATACS FG

Barbarians (Greens): All green camos, civilian clothing (not Tan) and dark clothing. If unsure, ask. NO ATACS FG

Ammo Limits and FPS Limits:


All FPS limits are on a 0.2g bb.

Riflemen: 600 rounds, FPS 350

Support Gunners: 2,000 Rounds, FPS 350

DMR: 300 Rounds (must be a semi locked gun and NO box mags), FPS 450

Bolt Action Sniper: 300 Rounds, FPS 500.

Pistols: FPS 350

Snipers and DMR users have a minimum engagement distance of 30 metres.

Within this MED a sidearm/secondary weapon (as per above) may be used.

TAG Rounds have a minimum engagement distance of 40 metres. Within this MED TAG rounds are NOT to be used.


Random spot checks may also be carried out throughout the day.

Any HPA guns MUST have a tournament lock with a rate of fire no higher than 25rps. Trigger spamming will NOT be tolerated.

Semi fire ONLY while inside buildings.

Full auto fire is allowed into and out of buildings: players will be expected to fire short controlled bursts.

All weapons MUST have a realistic rate of fire.

Any weapon that doesn’t obviously fall into the above categories, please contact us for further info.

No loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person and magazines and Moscarts must only be reloaded in designated aid posts.

BFG’s & Pyrotechnics:

Only Enola Gaye, TLSFX, and Cloud 9 Combat pyrotechnic products are allowed to be used on site, and nothing above a Mk5.

Any form of blank rounds for Blank Firing Grenades can be used up to and including 9mm. NOTHING above 9mm is to be used in BFG devices.

There is no limit to the amount of pyro you carry.

BFG’s can only be reclaimed once the area is clear of combat OR if your whole team is dead. You may ask the enemy team to retrieve and hand back your grenade to you, although this is not a given so do not be surprised if they decline.

No over arm throwing of BFG’s are allowed. Posting of grenades IS allowed in a controlled manor.

TAG Rounds: Tag rounds and their launchers may be used in this game. If you are planning on bringing a TAG launcher and rounds to the event you MUST inform us before hand.

ANYONE using TAG launchers and rounds in a way that we deem unacceptable and/or unsafe or not within the spirit of the day will be removed from the site immediately with NO REFUND.

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Campbell Road Bramley RG26 5BQ
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05 May , Saturday 07:30