Barefoot Training Specialist - Poland


For the first time in Poland!

Host: Wojciech Jusiel Strength Coach Wojciech Jusiel

What to Learn?

BTS Level 1

Level 1 Certification sets the foundation for advanced concepts in barefoot activation, reflexive stabilization and movement efficiency. With the

foot as the only contact point between the body and the ground, this complex structure plays a critical role in the way in which our body stabilizes during dynamic movement.

In the Level 1 Certification, get ready to explore how to prep the body for movement by tapping into the nervous system with barefoot science, foot to core sequencing and reflexive stability via fascial lines.

Learn concepts including:

- Foot to core sequencing via short foot
- Introduction to foot & ankle anatomy & biomechanics
- Open chain & closed chain foot assessments
- Foot function & fascial lines
- Barefoot before shod programming
+ more!

BTS Level 2

Further challenge your concept of from the ground up movement and foot to core sequencing with BTS Level II Certification. From heel strike to push-off, our foot dictates the way our body responds, and reacts to every closed chain movement including walking, squatting and jumping.

In this advanced Level II workshop you will further explore the concept of foot to core as it relates to movement efficiency and the transfer of energy as it relates to gait. All attendees will learn the powerful assessment technique for walking and running gait.

Learn concepts including:

- Advanced foot biomechanics including the great toe and first ray
- Phases of the walking gait cycle
- Walking and running gait assessment techniques
- Innate loading response
- The catapult effect and energy transfer
and more!

Level 1:
Friday 20/07/'18 8.00-18.00
Saturday 21/07/'18 8.00-13.00
Level 2:
Saturday 21/07/'18 14.00-18.00
Sunday 22/07/'18 8.00-18.00

Federico Fluz Luzi
Anton Ghys

Level 1 early bird: 350€
Level 2 early bird: 350€
Level 1 + 2 early bird: 680€

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20 July , Friday 08:00

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