BaPuBa Challenge 2018

BaPuBa Challenge 2018


This February… Open your throttle to participate in the BAPUBA CHALLENGE 2018.
(Largest Congregation of Long Distance Rider’s in India).

LONG DISTANCE RIDER’s(USA) certifies Endurance motorcycle ride achievements namely Easy Rider(805 Kms

in 12 Hours), Full Throttle(1610 Kms in 24 Hours) and King of the Road (2415 Kms in 36 Hours)

One can be qualified if he rides any of following

Easy Rider - (805 Kilometers within 11.59 Hours)

Full Throttle - (1610 Kilometers within 24 Hours)

King of Road - (2415 Kilometers within 36 Hours)

and rider will become a member of the elite "Long Distance Riders" (LDR) Club

We are inviting registrations from Individuals / Clubs from all over India to join the biggest team in India to attempt Long Distance Ride certification on the same day.

Aspiring Riders who wish to be part of the BAPUBA Challenge 2018 can register using the link in the post.

Event Dates: 23rd to 25th Feb, 2018
Location: Bangalore

23rd Feb'2018
Scrutiny of bike and Documents check.

24th Feb'2018 (Morning)
Flag off for King of road riders

24th Feb'2018 (Noon)
Flag off for Easy riders and Full Throttle riders

25th Feb'2018 (Evening)
Receiving riders, completing the documentation and celebrations.

Ba-Pu-Ba Team
"May the god speed be with you"

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23 February , Friday 00:00

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