Bags of Hope Event

Hello everyone! As you know, I (Rosemary) at Centred Soul am very passionate about supporting women, children and families! I set up 'Centred Soul' in 2011 but since becoming a mummy for the first time this year, I have found myself wanting to connect with other parents who are happy to openly admit

they are winging it too, so I set up 'The Moaning Mummies' Meetups via Centred Soul lol! A place where we could all meet, have the craic and ADULT CONVERSATION! So we are taking it one step further, with an event to support families and raise awareness! This is long but please read on lol
Becoming a new parent has been a life changer for me. It has turned our lives upside down, like nothing else ever could! It has brought lots of laughs and plenty of tears too! Our little boy is now 7 months old, is in full health and is a very loud & happy baby! Yet it is only now I can honestly admit that I struggled throughout my whole pregnancy- I didn't enjoy it, I was full of anxiety, my head was 'fuzzy' all the time and my mood was low. I now know this was most likely ante-natal depression...but I didn't know a thing about it then and not one professional ever told me about it!
Unfortunately, I also had a pretty horrific labour and on taking my little boy home, suffered repeated trauma of the labour for many months and still do. Again I didn't know what Birth Trauma was...I just assumed everyone had a bad labour experience but now I know thats not the case.
I spent the first 4 or 5 months of my son's life in a daze, with my mood going up and down and all over the place. But weirdly it has given me a kick up the butt to do something positive about it.
So I am teaming up with the brilliant Northern Ireland Blogger Lindsay Robinson from 'Have You Seen That Girl?'- a fantastic woman who blogs about her experience of post natal depression and utilises this to campaign for greater awareness and services for peri-natal mental health, as well as the wonderful Maeve Brisk, founder of The Mum Chorus- a mother who also experienced PND and as a result started a movement- a social outlet for women and children, a place where you can sing your heart out and lift your mood, through her choir known as The Mum Chorus!
'Have You Seen That Girl' has kindly donated 100 x 'Bags of Hope' for this event- each bag contains various items that have been specially chosen.
Each Bag of Hope is an encouragement and reminder, that even on the darkest days there is light & hope and that you are not alone!

We are inviting you along to Finegan & Sons, in Newry, to raise awareness of peri-natal mental health and birth trauma. This event is also a reminder to all you mums, dads, carers and grandparents, that you are all doing a bloody brilliant job!
This event may cover a serious topic but it will be uplifting and positive, and we shall end the evening singing at the top of our voices, thank you to The Mum Chorus!
Come join us!

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9 Kildare Street, BT34 1DQ
09 November , Thursday 19:00

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