Bad Poet's Corner - Tales of Late Spring

Do you remember filling the air with words, songs, laughter and life? Really using the park as a community space and discovering new, hidden talents and ways to express yourself?!

WELL, FRIENDS! This May see the return of BAD POETS CORNER, our monthly pop up poetry event; taking place in the city's

beautiful parks. We are delighted to be co-hosting this event with our fabulous friends The Moonlight Gathering, as part of the Peripheral Visionaries Festival!

~So How does this work?~

No line up no sign up - just come along and read/shout/sing whatever you feel! No 3 minute slots, no set stage area - just turn up on the day with an open mind and heart, and our hosts will make sure you get your turn to shine. These events are about sharing, taking part and getting your words out there where they are meant to be.

We welcome people who have never performed before to come and give it a go under the sunlight and the trees! We don’t care how brilliant or how terrible you think your work is, we want YOU to join us

You can choose to jump up and read your work on a box through a mega phone or you can stay seated and whisper your words to us. Whether you want to share flowing prose and winding tales, one liners, wacky and offbeat character pieces, limericks, songs, biographical memoirs…we don’t mind…we just want to hear from YOU.

Also, please feel free to just coem and watch, soak up the words, feel the creativity and enjoy the space with us. We warn you though - you might just end up getting roped in!

Featuring all sorts of mad poetry games and challenges during the event and in the breaks, designed to get you writing and to have fun!

Bad Poets Corner: returning for 2018.

#ComingSoon #Spring #Brighton #Poetry

Free, and it always will be!

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A city park, Brighton - TBA
adress is not specified
27 May , Sunday 14:00