Back Forty Mine Panel Discussion

A public panel discussion! Qualified experts and community members are going to be sitting on the panel to discuss Aquila Resources proposed Back 40 Mine Project. We hope to inform Wisconsin residents about the mining project, as well as some of its challenges and solutions.

Al Gedicks:

professor of environmental sociology at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and executive secretary of the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council. He is a longtime environmental and Native- solidarity activist.

Guy Reiter: Guy Reiter (Menominee), also known as Anahkwet which means "cloudy skies. Member of Menominee tribe and activist.

Tony Brown: Member of Menominee tribe and activist. Leader of Protectors of the Menominee River.

Aquila Resources and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - Invited


Canadian mining company, Aquila Resources, has proposed to build the Back 40 sulfide mine along the Menominee River. The mine would lie on traditional and sacred Menominee land, 150 feet from the Menominee River.

This would inevitably pollute water resources necessary for life. Not only would this harm the Menominee River, but the pollution would stream down into Green Bay, and spread into Lake Michigan. Anyone would relies on Lake Michigan's abundance could be affected.

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UC room 259A
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10 April , Tuesday 19:00