Axis Syllabus and Contact improvisation workshop with Daniel Bear Davis

"Spine Party Movement" and "Contact Improvisation in Bangkok" are very happy to host Daniel Bear Davis to teach "Axis Syllabus" workshop, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia! Do not miss!
This is a beautiful approach to movement training. Axis Syllabus, invented by Frey Faust (USA,Germany) is a lexicon

of human movement principles.

สำหรับคำอธิบายภาษาไทยในระหว่าง workshop จะช่วยแปลโดยสมาชิกกลุ่ม Spine Party พรรคสันหลัง


Sat 30 Jan 2016 : 13.00-16.00, 17.00-20.00
Sun 31 Jan 2016: 13.00-16.00, 17.00-20.00

Waterford Condo Heathness and Spa on the 10th floor (dance Studio)

Fee: 1000 THB per person for each 3-hour session
You may attend each session seperately. They are different materials. Discount available in group or professional/student rate, please inquire.

EARLY BIRD RATE---if all fee transferred before December 15, 2015
3000 THB for all 4 sessions
or 800 THB per session

TO REGISTER :please transfer workshop fee to book your spot
account name: (Nitipat Pholchai) นิธิพัฒน์ พลชัย
SCB 357-2-10732-8
Kasikorn 033-2-91994-6
Call: 0830345950
Line: ongarius
Workshop description:
Day 1 (2 sessions on Saturday)
Resilient Forms
An Axis Syllabus and Contact Improv Workshop

Resilient: 1. Springing back; rebounding. 2. Returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched. 3. Recovering readily from adversity; buoyant.

We are made of resilient tissues and structures. This resilience arises when a healthy network of relations is cultivated between our various parts through listening, collaboration, care and play. The same is true in our bodies and our communities. The design of these bodies grows out of millions of years of moving interaction with the environment. By looking to this anatomical design, we gain clues for getting the most dynamic possibility while reducing our risk of injury. In this class we will learn to create structures for partnering that are strong yet responsive, fluid yet supportive, stable and still mobile. Our intention is adaptability and agency as a means to connection and possibility.

All level of movement experience.
This class will be relevant and useful to professional dancers, contact improvisers, performers seeking more physical presence and capacity, anatomy nerds, and pretty much anyone living in a body.

Day 2 (2 sessions on Sunday)
Fascia-nating Dances
An Axis Syllabus and Contact Improvisation Workshop

This workshop is about inter-connection and conductivity within the structures of the body in solo dancing, partnering, and through space in group interaction. How does communication and information move through form, time, and space?

We will engage this question through the lens of fascia.
Fascia is the three dimensional web of connective tissue that runs continuously from a thick layer just under your skin into the mysterious depths of your body. Fascia weaves a network of interwoven membrane around every muscle, organ, bone and cell. It gives us our particular shape, while offering the support for dynamic movement and change. It is the organ that separates our various parts, even as it binds us together into a whole.

Accessing this incredibly intelligent system in our dance opens a world of specificity, subtlety, and increased kinetic potential. We will traverse the range, from witnessing and following the delicate unwinding of the tissues, to finding incredible support for dynamic flight, elastic buoyancy and the creation of countless hidden supports.

Expect to fly! Expect to sweat! Expect to play!

All level of movement experience.
This class will be relevant and useful to professional dancers, contact improvisers, performers seeking more physical presence and capacity, anatomy nerds, and pretty much anyone living in a body.

Taken from:

THE AXIS SYLLABUS is a system for cross-correlating movement principles, bringing pertinent information about training the body and movement practice into an accessible format, a user's manual for dancers, athletes and physiotherapists. This consolidation process has helped to clear up misunderstandings and question traditions that are outdated, sponsoring the protection and enhancing the skills of today's dancers and athletes, and the re-education of movement teachers, choreographers and project leaders the world over.

The Axis Syllabus forms the context for a community of professionals trained and/or certified in various medical and physical sciences such as: neurology, mechanical engineering, osteopathy, kinesiology, Rolphing, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, Bart, Pilates, Laban; as well as diverse performing arts and movement disciplines such as: natural horsemanship, circus skills, voice, capoeira, african expressionism, ballet, yoga, contemporary, pantomime, physical theater and hip-hop.

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Sukhumvit 30/1, 10110
30 January , Saturday 13:00

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