Ash Grunwald & Iris Myhem

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After the release of his 9th studio album ‘NOW’ followed by an impressive 28 date national tour Ash is heading back to the West in February 2016 to play at some of his favourite venues.Ash

Grunwald has been at the forefront of success in the Australian music scene for more than 12 years has been nominated for six ARIA awards and three APRA awards, winning two of the latter. Off the back of his latest album, produced by Nick Didia he has been offered significant international opportunities which will see him heading over to L.A to record in December. The man’s talents and achievements have gone from strength to strength, innovation to innovation, and from country to country.“A muscular hard and heavy Record, NOW throbs with an undeniable groove [...] It’s brazen & Brash, delivered with a joyous abandon and reckless intent”Rollingstone “Now is fun, fast-paced and delivered with passion, Grunwald — alongside producer Nick Didia — throwing groovy riffs, driving rhythms and distorted vocals into a blender and letting the splatter hit the wall. The result is a mature record that embraces his position as a revered blues figure.”The Music, 4 1⁄2 stars
Top 5 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why AshGrunwald NOW is Essential for Your Good Health.1) Listening to your favourite music (ie Ash Grunwald) increases nitric oxide production, potentially offsetting endothelial dysfunction of which Nitric oxide reduction is considered the hallmark. No idea what that means? Nor us but endothelial dysfunction BAD, Ash Grunwald GOOD!2) Listening to your favourite music (ie Ash Grunwald) whilst doing physical activity (ie dancing) was noted by the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013 to produce the most impressive benefits on cardiovascular health.3) In a study on young couples conducted by Heriot-Watt University, it was discovered that musical tastes were a rather accurate way of getting to know each other, with a love of different genres signalling different traits - Blues fans were discovered to have high self-esteem, be creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease. Like Ash Grunwald himself.4) In a paper titled ‘Effects of music tempo upon submaximal cycling performance’ it showed that young males pedalled faster when listening to their favourite music. So after a night of fast tempo Ash Grunwald rhythms from the NOW album, you’ll be back home in bed sooner!5) Psychology Today explores the possibility that background music will make you smarter. So plug into Ash Grunwald’s NOW during your uni finals and boogie your way to high distinction!What could be better for you than being a high achieving, endothelial functioning, strong hearted, deadly-on-a-tredley legend with a winning personality – don’t hesitate, hear Ash Grunwald NOW....

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13 Sutton Street, 6208
07 February , Sunday 15:00

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