April's First Friday Gallery Walk

Join us for April's Gallery Walk! We'll have the usual establishments promoting their monthly programming. Come down to Allentown, enjoy some drinks, food and art as we draw one more month closer to Spring 2018!

More venues TBA:

GEORGETTE, a new event space above Acme Cabinet Company will be hosting

Marigold Record Release Show at Georgette! The event starts at 7. $10 entry with beer by Community Beer Works
Featuring Select Photo & Art by Benjamin Lieber. Listen to Marigold here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3snKRklbclbHPIT9vPfnqu?si=UpKDvzTGRgmvynLlXca2Uw

Buffalo Big Print / Sui Generis - First Friday Gallery Opening: is a focus on local WNY artists with unique styles across the board:
Featured Artists:
Elizabeth Rose (Unofficial: Elizabeth Rose's Fancy)
Casey Kremblas (Casey Lynn Kremblas)
Corey Fabian Borenstein (Millie & Bean)
Daniel White & Alisha Lezama (Kaleyedascopize: Unleashed Arts)
Jacqueline LaRocque
Charles Moore
Benjamin Minter

El Museo - Buffalo, NY / Andie Jairam: Kweku Anansi Fables Andie Jairam is an emerging artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently completing an MFA at the University at Buffalo. In Kweku Anansi Fables, relief prints, costumes, and sculptural pieces create a story where Anansi the Spider’s ancestors live in a futuristic world. Stop in during their extended hours for First Friday, 6-9.

Indigo Art will continue its exhibition run of ...and what is the use of talking? Site specific visual storytelling installations by Kristina Siegel and Jorg Schnier 6-9pm. Be sure to check it out before the show ends on April 13.

CafeTaza Allentown will continue Jim Cielencki's "Momentary Canvas" on display at 100 Elmwood Avenue. An aerial inquiry of the short-lived, seasonal transformation of the built environment. Dealing with subjects of inaccessibility, unrealized patterns, fleeting moments, and through it all finding concealed beauty in the reduction of landscape images to simple components.

Pausa Art House + Joe Goretti Electronic Quintet will bring you a dynamic quintet featuring an exploration of Jazz fusion, Funk, Soul, R&B. In a blend of original compositions and improvisation as well as the compositions of Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Jackson, and much more... Pausa will be open from 6-11pm.

GCR audio will host Paintings, etc. – Rob Price at GCR Audio! Inhabiting Robby Takac’s GCR Studios on Friday, April 6th,
Rob Price — Paintings, etc. will encompass 40 years of abstract paintings completed since Price’s last gallery showing in 1978.

Caffèology + Rachel D’Alfanso will be debuting new artwork from her painting series “Still” April 6th at Caffeology for the first First Friday of spring. "Still" is a painting series exploring the correlation between perceived rest and concealed inner movement. The cafe will be open extended hours and serving drinks and snacks in honor of the event.

Feedback Loop: art practices in constraint performance / the Pilates loft 166 Allen Street: The show will first take place in the storefront of Brad Wales Architecture and then continue upstairs into the versatile space of the Pilates Loft. The evening will include refreshments and pieces from local artists and gift certificates to be raffled off by 10pm.

Pine Apple Company / Garden House Party! The crew at Pine Apple Company will host their first invitational group show. Based on the theme "Garden", "House", and "Party", they will hold a group exhibition featuring artists of all levels.

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06 April , Friday 18:00

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