Antarctica - cool science in action virtual field trip

At the end of 2018 go to a place that has fascinated explorers and scientists for over 100 years; Antarctica.

Unlike early adventurers you won't be sailing there. You will fly on a C17 Globemaster landing on glacial ice with an air temperature of about -20°C. Your first steps will fill your senses

to overflowing: eyes will struggle to adapt to the bright light; your boots make squeaking sounds as you walk; you'll feel a strange sensation as your nose gets cold; nothing human-made makes judging distance impossible.

On this trip you will join a New Zealand science team investigating plant life that supports the Antarctic ecosystem. These plants live within the sea ice. What effect will climate change have on sea ice? What will that mean for the animals that depend on sea ice plants?

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144 Kilmore Street, 8013
14 November , Wednesday 16:00

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