And Justice For All Movement

Coalition for Justice

What are we doing?
The Coalition for Justice is standing in support of the NFL players who are courageously protesting against police brutality and injustice against black and brown members of the community. We stand firm and boldly fill in the gap and kneel for those NFL players

who have been silenced by the NFL and the NFL team owners (specifically Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys) and are unable to do so. Many surmise Jones statement is grounded in his unyielding loyalty to American patriotism, when in fact Jones’ statement (s) is a reflection of his commitment to the protection of and participation in---American capitalism. Ideals which are the core of America’s national identity. An identity not only upheld by white supremacy, white privilege, the American flag but also clearly spelled out in the national anthem penned by a slave owner, (Francis Scott Key), who wanted to make sure that it was understood that there was no “refuge or safety for the hireling or the slave who would be unable to escape terror or the grave”.

Why are we doing it?
We, the Coalition for Justice, are publicly speaking out and standing in support of the NFL players for the following reasons:

1. We stand with players who exercise their First Amendment Rights. The First Amendment is fundamental to a democratic government. This cherished amendment grants American citizens the right to protest. The denial of players’ right to exercise their liberty to peacefully protest is the highest form of hypocrisy and display of white supremacy.

2. We stand with Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality – we must keep the narrative around the knee is a protest for justice and not a sign of disrespect. The reason Kaepernick knelt has been hijacked. We reaffirm and stand with Colin Kaepernick’s initial stand for justice in response to the ongoing subjugation to police brutality in Black and Brown communities and the continuing state-sanctioned murders of unarmed Black children, women, and men whose murderers have not been held accountable.

3. Jerry Jones has hindered the players’ right to protest police brutality and any other future protest against injustice. This can’t go unaddressed by the community. We reject the supposition put forth by Jerry Jones that the players’ actions are unpatriotic acts. In fact, they express a time-honored American right to fight tyranny and injustice and to bring to the collective awareness these unconscionable acts against humanity. The players symbolic kneeling for justice continues to call for an end to the murder of unarmed Black children, women, and men. This is a call to all, including Jerry Jones, to stand up for justice. His actions denying the player’s right to peaceful protest gives license to the continuing horrific acts of the slaying of innocent lives.

4. We feel it is important to speak out in light of the fact that the NFL, NFL Owners, and the NFLPA have met and have not taken a stance that is acceptable to us in support of the NFL player’s right to protest. We stand on our moral authority to call for an end to the terror unleashed on our communities. It is the right of every American citizen to express outrage against police brutality and white supremacy with moral clarity and peaceful dissent. The fight for justice is never contingent upon popularity or the consensus of the majority. This fight for justice is rooted in love for humanity.

Details of Demonstration:
Date: Sunday, November 19, 2017
Philadelphia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys
7:30 pm (GAME TIME)
7:15 pm (at AT&T Stadium) Demonstration
At approximately 7:15 pm, we will kneel for justice during the playing/singing of the national anthem. At the conclusion of the song (and after kneeling), we will affirm our commitment to justice and then board the charter buses and depart. The exact location of the demonstration on the property of AT&T Stadium is TBD.
Location of the Demonstration: AT& T Stadium, 1 AT&T Way, Arlington, TX 76011
Location of the Staging Area:
Friendship West Baptist Church (FWBC)
2020 W. Wheatland Road, Dallas, Texas 75232
Assemble Time: 3:00 pm
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – The demonstration participants will assemble at Friendship-West Baptist Church for a pre-demonstration rally.
4:00 pm – Participants will begin to board the charter buses at AT&T Stadium.
Participants will be instructed to meet at FWBC at 3:00pm. After checking in, participants will wait in the sanctuary. A brief rally consisting of brief remarks, prayer, performances from event organizers and invited participants (athletes, entertainers, local radio personalities etc.) will take place. Prior to concluding logistical information and safety reminders will be shared with the participants. At the conclusion of the rally, participants will board buses to travel to the stadium. At the stadium, participants will be dropped off at the designated demonstration area. Upon conclusion of the demonstration, 2-3 designated members of the coalition will address any media requests as the rest of the participant's board buses back to FWBC.
*Members of the fraternal organizations are asked to volunteer and serve as Event Marshalls and assist with the organization, monitoring, and safety of the demonstration participants. Training will be provided.

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2020 W Wheatland Rd, 75232
19 November , Sunday 15:00

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