An Evening to Restore with Yoga & Gong

A Restorative Yoga Experience on the next new moon. I am beyond excited to collaborate again with Melody Griffet from Aria Zen to offer you an exceptional experience with a trifecta that will leave you feeling as if you just came back from a long holiday.

Are you living life on fast forward? Do you

feel like you are constantly giving your energy? Are you left feeling exhausted or even depleted? You are not alone. It is essential to step back, press pause, and refill your energetic cup. THIS is your opportunity. Seriously. Here is what we have for you- 2 full hours:

Restorative Yoga: using props to support your body in yoga poses allows us to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system. Reducing stress & lowering cortisol levels. It's called Restorative for a reason- it's proven to restore your vital energy.

Yoga Nidra: otherwise known as yoga sleep. That's right, you lay down & get comfortable as I guide you through a series of visualizations into a dreamlike state where your subconscious and conscious mind connect. We tap into this space in the mind which is not typically used, and plant a seed of intention. This seed if cultivated will manifest into your reality. This is literally the stuff from which our dreams become real. No Joke.

Gong Bath: waves of vibration from the gorgeous and effective gong will penetrate your being at the celular level. Melody will be infusing the healing effects of our Restorative and Nidra practice with the sounds of her gorgeous gong. If you have yet to experience a gong, this is an incredible opportunity.

A serious trifecta that will leave you feeling like you have refilled your energetic cup. The new moon is a special time to let go of blocks that are preventing you from thriving in your path. Come with an open mind and heart, and leave feeling the change that will ripple out into your life.

We hope to have you join us for this incredible offering. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot as soon as you can.

Big love,
Alesha & Melody

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Yoga Casa Garraf: Carrer de la Morisca 10, Garraf 08871
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15 April , Sunday 22:00