Amber Marshall's January Fitness Challenge

HEY HEY!!! I wanted to personally invite YOU to our new year health/fitness challenge, where you will get the tools, resources, and support to acheive your 2016 goals!

It's time to start making a game plan for your health in 2016. Kickstart your year with OUR team who wants to be more happier, healthier,

and confident and not be another "new year resolutio" statistic. If you're interested, keep reading :)

What's Included:

*Digital workouts that can be conviently streamed at your home, in a gym, or wherever you have access to the internet (non digital workouts available too!) that are based on YOUR goals! (Do you want to lose or gain weight, tone up or build muscle, improve your cardiovascular stanima, work on athletic training, improve your range of motion/flexibility, etc?)

*Customized meal plans based on your current lifestyle, weight, and desired results. *Vegetarian plans are an option!

*30 day supply of a dense superfood shake that will provide your body with additional nutriton that helps curb cravings for junk food, improve your digestion, naturally increase your energy, and it is also has long term benefits that have been clincally proven to lower blood sugar, lower cholestorel, and help aide in sustained weight loss. (Available in 6 different flavors, 2 vegan options!)

*THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THIS PUZZLE IS ACCOUNTABILITY! Without accountability our gym memberships, fancy fitness equiptment, workout dvd's, and running shoes collect dust. We help bridge that gap since you will recieve me as your free coach and also access to our private group where we offer daily inspiration, morning/nightly check in's, fun challenges that you can win prizes for staying committed to your goals, and so much more!

If all of this sounds like something you'd be intersted in, click the link below to answer a few questions and let's get this PARTY started!

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25 January , Monday 07:00