Agility seminar with Attila Varga (HU)

Adžiliti seminārs ar Attila Varga (HU)
Semināra tēma: adžiliti hendlinga tehnikas.
Kur: Rīga, Latvia, adžiliti laukums vai angārs Ķengarāgā (atkarībā no laika apstākļiem).
Kad: 21.05.2018.
Kam: Visiem no adžiliti iesācēja līdz adžiliti guru.
Valoda: Angļu
Nosacījumi: dalībnieki ar suni - 14 pāri; klausitāji

- bez ierobežojuma.
Cena: Ar suni - 50 Eur pārim; Klausitāji – 25 Eur.
Reģistrācija uz e-mailu: (hendlera vārds, uzvārds, suņa vārds, vecums, šķirne, austuma kategorija un adžiliti līmenis).

Cеминар по аджилити с Аттила Варга (HU)
Тема семинара: техники хэндлинга в аджилити.
Где: Рига, Латвия, аджилити площадка или ангар в Кенгарагсе (в зависимости от погодных условий).
Когда: 21.05.2018.
Для кого: семинар подходит как новичкам, так и гуру аджилити.
Язык семинара английский.
Условия: участники с собакой - 14 пар; слушатели - без ограничений.
Цена: участники с собакой - 50 Eur; слушатели - 25 Eur.
Регистрация на эмайл: (Имя, фамилия хэндлера, имя, порода, возраст собаки, ростовая категория и уровень в аджилити).

Agility seminar with Attila Varga (HU)
Theme of the seminar: different handling techniques in agility.
Where: Riga, Latvia, agility field or hangar in Kengarags (depends on weather conditions).
When: 21.05.2018.
For who: for all agility enthusiasts from beginner to agility guru.
Seminar language: English.
Terms: participants with dog - 14 pairs; listeners - without limit.
Price: participants with dog - 50 Eur; listeners - 25 Eur.
Registration to the e-mail: (Handler’s name, surname, dog’s name, breed, age, height category and agility level).

Some words about trainer:
my name is Attila Varga and I am from Hungary. I’m doing agility since 2005, when I got my first dog. I compete at high level, but for me this sport is about playing with my soulmate, and having a lots of fun. A few years ago my first agility dog passed away. Now I have a border terrier at A3 level, we are training to qualify to the next EO and AWC too. My way crossed with the One Mind Dogs when I got Sonic, my second dog. I have learned a totally different perspective, and learning progress. Now I’m a FCI agility judge and OMD Assistant Coach. At my lessons, I like to show and teach you how to see agility from your dog’s perspective. I introduce you the concept of One Mind Dogs method (the three Cs – Connect-Commit-Cue) and your virtual dog show you how to perform different handling techniques in great detail, and give you personalized feedback on your performance. For me the aglity is not just about fast running. If you understand the dog’s view, and reactions for the correct handling techniques, than you can handle everything (by walk, or behind the dog) and you can step out the finnish line with a bigger chance for a clean run. I hope we will meet, and spend a lot of fun with your best teammates on the agility field.
If you missed the working spots, it’s not a problem, because you’re welcomed by yourself for these interactive training day with unlimited audit spots.

Why it is a good choice for you to attend the One Mind Dog seminar?

-it's doesn't matter if you have young dog, or if you think about agility as a hobby, or you are beginners team. You can learn a lot of informations about how you can do agility healthier and "correct";
- it's a life-altering experience;
- you could learn how to see agility from your dog's perspective;
- your abilities and skills doesn't matter, we have many choices to run all levels courses more fluently;
- you learn the One Mind Dogs concepts that will turn you 360 degrees and you will think "WOW";
- answers to your questions why my dog dropped bar, missed contact etc;
- you will get personalized feedback on your performance.

And more! All participants working on auditing spots will get access to online lectures at One Mind Dog homepage! *

*Information will follow later.

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21 May , Monday 09:00

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