AFP Foundation NM : Weekend Warrior Boot Camp - Las Cruces

You have been invited to join the New Mexico chapter of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation for an exciting training event developed by the Grassroots Leadership Academy.

Weekend Warrior Boot Camp

April 28, 2018 : 9am-7pm

April 29, 2018: 9am-3pm

Courses that will be covered are as follows:


Power of Free and Open Societies (Day 1)
We begin by sharing our organization’s reason for existing: the pursuit of a more free and open society. We share the principles, dimensions and institutions critical to ensuring individuals enjoy more freedom and more well-being as they are freed to pursue their happiness – success on their own terms.

Sharing Freedom by Storytelling (Day 1)
To engage people at the deepest level, you need a story. Stories allow people to relate and feel empathy, compassion, and trust. People follow not because of what you do, they follow because of why you do it. In this session, participants will learn how their personal story touches others’ lives and how to use their story to explain issues in an engaging way that sparks action.

Communities Versus Networks (Day 1)
Change isn’t created solely by one person, and it doesn’t happen online. Change happens when people form relationships and trust. This session explores the art of building an effective movement by engaging in the person-to-person work of community building. Activists will review how communities have been catalysts for change throughout American history, and learn how to build and support their own freedom-orientated communities.

Freeing Labor: Right To Work (Day 1)

Human Action and the History of Grassroots (Day 2)
Throughout history, small groups of highly organized individuals have risen to change the world by understanding that an organized minority can defeat an unorganized majority. In this session, participants will learn how to apply the six primary ingredients needed to run successful grassroots movements. Students will also learn to utilize famed Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises’ “Human Action Model” as they work to secure the change they seek in their communities.

Persuasive Messaging (Day 2)

Whether giving a speech, writing a blog, or engaging with someone one-on-one, inspiring others is a specific craft that stems from knowing the fundamentals of persuasive messaging. In this session, students will master the tools that activists use across multiple platforms to effectively communicate the case for freedom to various audiences. Using time-tested strategies, participants will learn how to make their messages resonate and inspire others.

Know the Place, Know the Players ( Day 2)

The first step to building a successful issue campaign is accurately assessing the playing field. Without understanding the environment, advancing a free and open society can’t be accomplished. Participants will come away knowing how to gather intel needed to make strategic decisions in their community

Impacting Your Elected Officials ( Day 2)
Once you’ve identified the change you want, how can you best see it through? We discuss best practices for engaging, influencing and convincing elected officials to join your efforts for change in your state and community.

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