ACROYOGA WORKSHOP with Inez Almeida & Daniel Raphael in BERGEN, NORWAY

We are really excited to teach and share the acroyoga practice! In this workshop we will bring you a set of tools to improve your technique, find a better alignment, create more tightness and stability and discover the needed sensitivity in your hands and touch for easier flows.

Join the acroyoga journey,

a playful way to enhance your own practice through partner work.
Acroyoga is a community-based practice that encourages personal transformation. Acroyoga invites you to experience the full spectrum of your being through opportunities to: give and receive; support and be supported; experience strength and sensitivity. It is a systematic approach to health and healing designed to be accessible for every practitioner. The best part is that it is fun to do and fun to watch.

PROGRAM happening at Bergen Internasjonale Kultursenter.
Bring your mat if you have one!

18:00 – 20:00
Handstand workshop.

10.00 – 13.00 :
Calibrations: How to find stability (shoulder stands, side stars, reverse star).
Challenges (option): free (reverse) shoulderstand, monostar, needle.
15.00 – 18.00 :
Transitions - fundamentals of acroyoga technique

10.00-13.00 :
Washing machines - Finding flow
14.00-17.00 :
Challenges – You will be given challenges based on the needs and desires found during the weekend!


INEZ ALMEIDA in a certified Acroyoga teacher form and has been teaching acroyoga in several different countries. Get to know her bit more by taking a peak in her page, watch videos and photos...
DANIEL RAPHAEL has just completed teacher training level 2 from and is soon to be teaching imersions, check him out in the link below:

INEZ & DANIEL met first time in a solar imersion in Berlin, and later while doing the teacher training, their love for movement and their dance background brough this connection into an exploration of diferent new possibilities within acroyoga laguange and vision.

Handstand workshop (2 hours): 300,- NOK
1 day (6 hours): 750,- NOK
2 days (12 hours): 1400,- NOK
Half days possible, ask Inez for prices.
EARLY BIRD: pay 1300,- NOK before February 3, and get the handstand workshop for free!

Book your place!
Register and receive payment info by sending and email to :

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Kong Oscars gate 15, 5017
19 February , Friday 18:00

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