A Cloth for a Smile

"Winter" -to many of us this term is an enthusiastic and exciting one.Winter means wearing fashionable warm clothes,wrapping ourselves in comfortable cover and enjoying a cup of steaming coffee.But did we ever gave a thought that meanwhile we are enjoying this season, there are vast number of people

who are struggling to get just a piece of cloth to wear?Who are literally diying to get a small amount of warmth?Have we thought about them who shiver to cold and poverty?It is the high time we must start thinking about them and fulfill our responsibilty towards those people who are suffering terribly and losing there life just beacuse of the absence of warmth.Lets show our affection, our kindness towards them because they dererve it.So please contribute as much as possible from your side.The Bkash number is given below.Remember,your slightest contribution can bring smile in the face of a helpless person.

Bkash- 01926019366

PLEASE show your kindness towards them and be the reason to save a life.

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Naheen agro.dorbesh para.itakhola.nilphamari .bangladesh, 5300
20 January , Friday 10:00

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