9th International Meeting of Youth Theatre sapperlot

9th International Meeting of Youth Theatre
27th April to 1st May 2016

Welcome to the 6th International Meeting of Youth Theatre sapperlot, Brixen/South Tyrol/Italy
6th International Meeting of Youth Theatre "sapperlot" is an event of youth culture in South Tyrol and at the same time a stock taking

of the actual trends in the youth theatre in the world. We invite groups from all over the world, which are open to reflect their own work and to other theatre forms.
Discussions and workshops should give the participants the possibility to get in touch with other young people, to exchange ideas and to learn from each other. For the young people there are many possibilities to get in contact with the others.
The young people of the tpz - laboratories are pleased to host people from all over the world. The sapperlot is not only a festival of an organisation but is mostly organised by the young members of our different laboratories: a real youth festival. But in the end sapperlot is the product of all participating groups. We want you to join the festival, to contribute, to get involved, to be really part of it and to help that sapperlot gets unforgettable.
The number of participants in each group is not limited; however, the organizer will only pay for the accommodation and full board for 12 youngsters and 2 accompanying adults per theatre company for the whole time of the festival and not longer. You find the general rules of the Festival here (http://www.tpz-brixen.org/de/festivals/application-details) and I urge you to read these carefully as they will provide you with all the information you need. If you have any questions about the General Rules please send these directly to the Festival Committee at the address below.
Your request to participate should be sent by filing in the online form (link: http://goo.gl/forms/gwXagamCaE ) within 30th November 2015.

As listed in the General Rules, you will see that your dossier should include:
1. a description of the group and its activities;
2. the play synopsis;
3. the detailed technical design;
4. five different photographs (color and/or black and white) of the play;
5. video recording of the play, taken in wide shot with a fixed camera (even as link).

The Festival Committee will decide which groups will participate and you will know if you have been successful after 15th December 2015.

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27 April , Wednesday 18:00

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