6th road to world class posterior composite restoration and isolation

We have heard many times that highly aesthetic restorations need sophisticated and complex approaches, only reachable to the `gifted ones´. What if I tell you that this is possible to teach and repeat a feasible method that allows you to achieve perfect restorations with a high rate of success. Material

selection, layering technique and morphology management is now-a-days mandatory to mimic the slightest nuances from our patient´s teeth, but always without getting in difficulties to do so.

Dr Abdelrahman Ahmed Tawfik will be our mentor to achieve the ultimate level through lectures , hands-on will be done through Microscope for visualisation of very fine details and workshop.

COURSE CURRICULUM (2 intensive days)

Day 1 (Isolation + Compsoite 1)

( Topics will be covered through Lectures ,Microscope Live Demos , workshop for practicing the learnt techniques )

1.Importance of Rubberdam application in DDP (research based approach)
2.Rubberdam Components ( Different types of Clamps & Wedges,Frames )
3. RD application Techniques
4.Isolations creative tools (PTFE, Floss, Wedges , Flowable composite , liquidam )
5.Quadrant Isolation
6.Pre-endo build up (Yes or No)

**DAY 2 (Composite 2 +workshop)

1- Total etch VS self-etch !
2- Selective etch technique.
3- How to overcome hypersensitivity?
4- Dry or wet dentin.
5- Sclerotic dentin bonding.
6- pulp capping ; Yes or No ?

Modern Cavity Design

Matrices and wedges:
1- Why sectional?
2- Which sectional matrix? (Various Types).
3- Ring; From old metal to new V ring.
4- No ring situation.
5- Wooden wedge modification.
6- Pre-wedging.
7- Diamond wedge revolution.
8- Teflon wedge.

Composite placement and application techniques:
1- Condensation.
2- Smear.
3- Injection (heated composite).
4- Snow plow technique.
5- Sonic fill.
6- Bulk fill technique.
7- Final layer anatomy carving.
8- Beauty of stains.

Polishing and finishing:
1- How to finish composite without loss anatomy?
2- How to get highly polished surface?
3- How to remove high spots?

**Each participant will do (Practical work):
Dr Abdelrahman tawfik will show us live through his microscope how to isolate and restore with very fine detailed anatomy !!

Isolation hands-on
1- Do quadrant isolation use wing and wingless clamp
2- Use soft tissue Brinker retractor clamp
3- Use Teflon
4- Do floss ligature
5- Learn and do inversion

Composite hands-on
1- Learn how to use sectional matrix
2- How to use V ring
3- How to build proximal wall (convert class 2 to class 1)
4- How to do accurate and nice anatomy (using style italiano instruments)
5- Use stain
6- Learn how to polish and finish composite

N.B: All the hands-on will be done on special Nissin casts as they stimulate the natural ginigva perfectly.


Dr. ABD EL-RAHMAN TAWFEK Abdelrahman Ahmed Tawfik
Specialist in a field of advanced microscopic dentistry .
- He's specialized in Restorative dentistry and Endodontics.
Since 2010 he uses microscope in Daily practice
- DSD certified member
-Admin of " Tomorrow Tooth" international dental forum.
- Attended many international courses in cosmetic dentistry
- Postgraduate Certificate in Endodontics

you can follow his profile and work on Tomorrow tooth and Style Italiano group.

for Registration ,please conatct :

Dr.Mohamed Baradey : 01223340295

Dr.Mahmoud Hesham : 01111885347(alexandria)

Prodental courses : 01276131393( reservation no.)

Kindly note that , to ensure the ultimate efficiency the courseis limited to 20 Participants

Fees :
Early bird registration : 2200 till 10/11/2017

Late registration :2400 LE after (10/11/2017)

fees include
(Coffee break - Lunch (with options) - Certificates - Gifts)
Available Free parking slots).

free cancellation before :10/11/2017

*** Cancellation fees after (10/11/2017) : 550 L.E

Reservations are by payment precedence. Thank you for your interest in our course, looking forward seeing you all there.

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23 November , Thursday 09:00

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