6th Annual Friends in Low Places Frio River Trip!

2017 is here and FILP is around the corner!! Proud to say that this year, we are celebrating our 6th ANNUAL FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES FRIO RIVER TRIP! (6 years? Has anyone done anything for 6 years?) Yes, we plan early, earlier than the House Pasture can book their summer line up, but seriously, step it

up House Pasture...

Each year, best friends and friends of FILP head down to the Frio to experience a weekend of unrelenting awesomeness. Have Dirty Harry mix you something tasty, most likely a shot, definitely a shot, take a seat and let Mikey serenade you with some pure acoustic bliss under the stars, have your mind blown by some karaoke by one of the best white rappers and overall just talented person on the Frio (you know who you are, (hint its a Green)), and take part in not one but TWO 8-hour+ floats, pure exhaustion, scars, and dehydration a slight possibility...

We’ve got people celebrating new careers, anniversaries, and STILL, a whole bunch of newly weds! Celebrations for days! We'll shoot for shirts again, but lets not kid ourselves, you'll get a koozie.

Haven't booked a place yet but thats coming soon, same story every year, we'll take the best place on the river...thats still available.

***number of floats and duration is subject to change, check that, for sure changed.

See yall soon! #FILP17

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20 July , Thursday 17:00

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