6-Week Wicca Basics class Williston, VT

This 6-week course is jam-packed with everything you need to know to be a successful Wiccan practitioner including:
- grounding and centering
- circle casting
- wheel of the year (holidays)
- basic Wiccan knowledge (history, deity work, elemental correspondences, etc.)
- basic energy work and spell casting

tarot reading
- basic astrology
- pendulum dowsing
- seeing and reading auras
- more!
The class culminates with a small graduation ritual.

You won't leave the class an expert in any of these areas but you'll have enough to do the Work and you'll be ahead of at least half the Wiccans you'll meet online. The classes are very experiential and there IS homework.

Classes will meet every other Friday evening (7 - 10 PM) starting on January 22nd and going to April 1st. Class will be held in Williston, VT (street address provided upon registration)

Cost: $90 - $150 ($15 - $25 sliding scale per class). You can pay it all at once or pay at the time of each class BUT you _must_ sign up for all six classes in the series and you still must pay for any that you miss. They are organized sequentially so that each class builds on the previous classes. (Special accommodations can be made in case of having to miss one class).

Please register as soon as possible. Registration deadline is January 18th.

To register: email Kirk at laurelinvt@gmail.com

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Williston, VT (address upon registration)
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22 January , Friday 19:00