4th Annual Fish Findlay Classic 3 vs 3 Mens 18+ Hockey Tournament (Proceeds going to Shawville Minor Hockey)

Hosted by the Charteris Chickadees

*** New 4 Division Format ***
*** Players can only play in 1 division ***

Open Division
"B" Division
"C" Division
Female Division

(Each team max.9 players and a goalie)
Players must play 2 of the first 3 games.

Minimum 3 games with up to possible 6


drawn at random

35 minute time slots
2 minute warm-up
33 minutes running time

Penalties are taken as penalty shots immediately
(MERCY OF 8 GOALS @ 10 minute mark, if this happens your out of luck, penalty shots or not)

3 pts. for a win
1 pt. for a tie
+- if needed
Number of penalties (if it goes that far)

Entry fee: 450.00$
Due by Feb 1
etransfer to: darcyfindlay6@hotmail.com

Winners of the "Open" receive $900
Winner of the "B" receive $450
Winners of the "C" receive $250
Winners of the Female Div receive price $200

"Tournament organizers will fill requests for division placements, however also have the authority to bump teams based on rosters or past success if needed"

2016 Tournament:

Registered Teams: Open Division
3. Yancey Thusky
4. Jordan Macdougall
5. Dan Plouffe
6. Ryan barber

Registered Teams: "B" division
1. Roger Larocque
2. Curtis young
4. Troy Beaupre
5. Blake Howarth
6. Ryan Currie

Registered teams: "C" division
1. Dan fish
2. Keith Kirkham
3. Ben Nyveld
4. Martin lafreniere (Kelly auto)
5. Dillon Harrison
6. Kyle Hodgins

Registered Female Division
1. Hailey Murray
2. Karelle Vachon
3. Shannon Byrne
4. Emily bishop

***Bar opens @ 12 noon for rehydration and recovery***
***Food will be served upstairs from 8am- Close***

*** Music Friday & DJ Saturday night in the hall ***

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Shawville Arena
adress is not specified
26 February , Friday 18:00