40 Days to Personal Revolution


This life changing program is designed to change your life forever. For 6 weeks the program works on your health. In addition to at least 6 yoga practices a week, we will meet weekly to talk about our eating habits and daily meditations. That's body, mind and spirit.

Days to personal Revolution provides a complete guide for everyone, anywhere. Even a beginner can follow the instructions for each yoga pose and benefit from the weekly readings.
Setting your mind on a goal and dedicating the time to make it happen may take up your time, but by not wasting it elsewhere and feeling rejuvenated, you can create more.
Think about it as you are getting to new destinations. You will notice and observe every little detail. Everything's a surprise. Even if you don't know where you are going, it's all new so each moment seems special and exciting.
There are so many things in our life we can't change and rather be fighting, it is better to accept that we aren't in control.
Returning to the mat in the studio brings new experiences every week because the classes always have a new twist and guide the poses to a heightened level.
Throughout the Program you will work on finding out what you really want in life. Each part of the Revolution helps to bring you to a higher place of peace in your life.
This Program is designed to challenge your personal philosophy and your body so that you can tap unknown resources within yourself.

Investment for the Program : € 50.

Participants use a Yoga Membership to fulfill a daily yoga practice.

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Rruga Dervish Hima, Nr. 2, Mbrapa Stadiumit Qemal Stafa, afer restorant Mimi's, 2011
16 April , Monday 13:00

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