30 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive w/Abbie Galvin + Reni Bickel (NY)

Katonah Yoga for the first time in London!
We invite you to join the 30 Hour Intensive with Senior teacher Abbie Galvin and Reni Bickel from The Studio (NY):

Learn techniques to substantiate yourself through measured asana, free your imagination through pranayama, and develop your vision as a diagnostic

tool to refine a practice and inform a body.

From the esoteric ideas of Taosim, to the very pragmatic way of holding a right angle, we will move through techniques that articulate the Katonah Yoga theory.

The goal of the practice is greater stability, fuller capacity, richer imagination and learn effective techniques to teach yoga.
Its practice engages each of us to re-orient, re-organize, re-inform our bodies in the service of physiological and psychological transformation.

A training is for students and teachers alike!

Whether you are a teacher seeking theory, a student searching to deepen your practice, a practitioner dealing with an injury, or a new practitioner seeking a way to integrate yoga into your life; this course will inform, inspire, and usher you on your path towards becoming a sphere of influence on and off the mat.

The 30 training hours can be accredited towards the Katonah Yoga certification: www.katonahyoga.com/become/

Dates: October 18th - October 21st, 2018
Place: The Old Parish Hall @ Core Clapton www.coreclapton.org
Price: 720 GBP (650 GBP before June 15th, 2017)
*spaces are limited.

Register: info@aylarealhealth.com

This 30 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive Training will be led by Abbie Galvin from The Studio (NY) and is assisted by Reni Bickel. Hosted by Reni Bickel and Aylin Karadayi.

KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with Taoist theory, sacred geometries, pranayama, and meditation. For more information, please visit www.katonahyoga.com

Start studying and gaining information today! Join: www.facebook.com/groups/314761908969328/

In New York? Come practice!
Manhattan www.thestudio.yoga
Bedford Hills www.katonahyoga.com


Do you ask yourself…
Is it a repetition of the first 30 or 50 hour I took?

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become skillful. Whether you are planning on becoming a master yogi or just a more thoughtful student, seeing it, hearing it, smelling it and tasting it again and again will build your capacity to not only see, but develop vision, not only hear, but listen dimensionally, not only smell, but sniff out your life situation, not only taste, but take a bigger bite out of the universe. An intensive engages and demands a different focus, a way of participating that allows us to go deeper, for greater insight; leading to mastery of theory and more facility to articulate your self-expression. Like anything worth learning, our material changes and grows exponentially through time, use, and creativity. There is always more. An impressive practice and even years of study does not guarantee good teaching; this comes with time, repetition, nuanced knowledge of theory, feeling like you know it all, then humbly realizing you know nothing. (source: thestudio.yoga)

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18 October , Thursday 12:30

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