2nd ACC Business Idea Festival 2017

Bukle up everyone. If you think you have the potential to change the concept of business with your innovative ideas and knowledge but don't have a place to show our talent then get ready, because "ACC Business Club" of Adamjee Cantonment College is going to organize a grand business festival. ACC Business

Club proudly presents the "2nd ACC Business Idea Festival-2017". We are giving you an opportunity to prove yourself. This festival will take place in our college premises from 5th to 7th January, 2017.

1. Olympiads
I. Accounting
II. Management
III. Finance
IV. Marketing
2. Project Display
3. Wall Magazine
4. Extempore Speech
5. Business Problem Solution
6. Quiz
7. Photography Exhibition
8. Rubik’s Cube
**Detailed Information about the event:
1. Only ACC Business Club reserves the authority to take and decision regarding to select the venue, time, subject and judges.

2. In the competitions, the judges’ decision is to be accepted as the final decision and no objection from the participants will be counted concerning these matters.

3. All events excluding Marketing Olympiad are open for both the school (class IX, X & O-level) and the college (class XI, XII & A-level) students.

4. Students from different faculties or groups such as Science and Humanities can participate in this festival.

5. The participants are requested to follow the rules and regulations to make this festival a success.
**Competition Details:
1. Olympiads:
a. Any institution can send as many students as they want for Olympiad.
b. No registration will be needed to participate in the Olympiads.
c. The questions will be provided in both Bangla and English.
d. Separate questions will be provided to the students of schools and colleges.
e. Each Olympiad will be limited to 15 minutes.
f. During the Olympiads, the authority will only provide answer sheets.
g. The participants have to bring necessary equipments (pen, pencil, eraser etc.).

2. Project Display:
a. Each team may consists of 3 members.
b. The concept of the project should be Business or Economy related.
c. Participants can bring and display science related projects but they must show the possibilities and effectiveness of that project on Business or Economy.
d. The participants have to bring stuffs (multi-plug, scissors, tape etc.) related to the projects of their own.
*How to make a project>>
1. Get an idea
2. Present your idea
3. Show the possibilities and benefits of your project
i. Business Plan
ii. New Product
iii. Alternative uses of wastes etc.

3. Wall Magazine:
a. The topic of the wall magazines should be Business or Economy related.
b. Each team may consists up to 4 members.
c. The magazines can be presented in both Bangla and English.
d. The participants have to bring the necessary stuffs (scissors, tape etc.) of their own if needed.

4. Extempore Speech:
a. Each institution can send up to 5 individual participants for this event.
b. Each participant will be given a subject or topic to discuss.
c. Each participant will get maximum 4 minutes to think about the topic.
d. Each participant will get 3 minutes to discuss the given topic.

5. Business Problem Solution:
a. Each group may consists of not more than 4 members
b. A business situation will be given “15 Days” prior to the event date.
c. Participants have to solve the problem and submit us their solution through a MS Power Point Presentation.
d. The presentation should not exceed more than 10 slides including introduction slide.
e. The participants have to send us their presentation via email.
**our email address: abc@acc.edu.bd
f. This will be considered as the qualifying round.
g. Only top 5 team will be able to go to the final round.
h. A new problem will be given to the selected teams for final round.
i. In the final round, each team will get maximum 10 minutes to present their solution.

6. Quiz:
a. Each team MUST consists of 3 members.
b. Up to 3 teams can participate from each institution.
c. There will be a preliminary round and a final round which will be a “Buzzer Round” in this competition.

7. Photography Exhibition:
a. The topic has been selected for this exhibition is “Product Photography”.
b. Participants of this contest have to Rename their photo as followed,
*Example: Sakib Shuvo_Adamjee Cantonment College_Just get it_01XXXXXXXXX.
c. Send us a mail to: abc@acc.edu.bd
d. We’ll give you a confirmation email after receiving your email.
e. If you don’t get a confirmation email, then please mention that in our event.
f. Both color & Black ‘n White photos are acceptable.
g. File size should be 3 to 5 mb.
h. Borders and Watermarks are NOT acceptable.
i. You can edit your photos to make your product more eye-catching and attractive. But photo manipulation is stricktly prohibited.
j. You will be given back your framed photo after the festival.
k. *Submission deadline is December 20, 2016*.
l. Only 20 photos will be selected for the exhibition.
m. ACC Business Club reserves the right to modify or change the conditions at any time.

8. Rubik’s Cube:
a. The participants must bring their Rubik’s Cube to participate in this competition.
b. This competition will follow the rules provided by the WCA.

★★ N.B.: Changeable

For any further information, please contact us:

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Dhaka Cantonment, 1206
19 January , Thursday 08:00

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