2018 Spring Velo Swap

Have stuff to sell? Want a "new to you" bike? Come on out to the BRC Spring Velo Swap. Drop off of sale items starts Wednesday March 7th at our DOWNTOWN** location.

Sellers--how this works. (sort of a FAQ list)
You have extra: Bike parts, bikes, multisport apparel, wheels, cycling clothing, car racks....pretty

much you name it (everything except helmets)
What you do: Bring them in to BRC DOWNTOWN** starting on Wednesday, March 7th.
We help you label and price them all. It helps if you have an idea of pricing, but even if you don't we can help you out. Our advise on pricing, "How will you feel if you have to pick it up on Tuesday." If you would feel OK about picking the item up, price it higher. If you really just want the item gone and want some credit for it--price it accordingly.
What happens when my item sells? We sell it through our register system and you receive 100% of the funds as a credit in our system to use within one year.
What if my item does not sell? You have until Tuesday (March 13th) at close to pick it up...items not picked up by that time will be donated to our junior cycling programs, community bikes, boys and girls club, etc.
Do I have to be at the sale? No--we take care of everything once you drop it off. Part of the idea is that the bike/item is sold anonymously for you....so no one comes back in a year wanting you to replace something or try and warranty an item that you got rid of.
Do you guys offer an type of warranty/service on items at the swap? No--items are as-is. In the past we have sometimes offered a gift certificate for a labor credit with all swap sale bikes--we may or may not offer that again as a way to help encourage people to pick up a bike that might just need a little love to run well.
Buyers--how this works. (sort of a FAQ list)
At 9am we let the start line loose on the goods. First come, first served, you get dibs on whatever is there. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ITEMS IN THE SWAP TO SHOP! Anyone can join in!
What will be there for sale? Everything.....and nothing.....but everything. We really don't know until stuff starts dropping off on the 7th. Often times there are road bikes, tri bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cruisers, kid bikes, wheel sets, power meters, saddles, tires, cranks, shorts, jerseys, handlebars, stems, seat posts, vacuum cleaners, and more. (yes, one year we sold a vacuum cleaner at the Velo Swap) Typically there is a little bit of everything at the sale.
Is there any warranty/guarantee on items at the swap? Nope--as is. It is a yard sale of stuff from one owner to the next. All items are as-is. All items are sold this way and there are no returns or exchanges on items from the swap.
Will there be store specials that day? Probably a few, we don't want to detract from our sellers ability to move their stuff by offering too good of a deal on in store merchandise, but we usually have sales running and specials on in store products or product categories. Also, we tend to sell our own used products in the sale--demo bikes, demo wheels, rental items, etc. We don't usually announce these ahead of time.....but this year we might drop the hint on some items ahead of time on our Blue Ridge Cyclery facebook page---so you should click over there, become a fan, and make sure to select to "follow" our postings so you don't miss out on some opportunities.
We will be clearing out a lot of older model parts and accessories that day---so look for the BRC clearance table at the event as well.
What if I have more questions? Stop in to the shop or give us a call, we are always happy to gab it up on cool stuff, and the Velo Swap is very cool.

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Downtown: 722 Preston Avenue North: 257-B Connor Dr And, 22911
10 March , Saturday 09:00

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