2018 Broncs and Honkytonks Indoor Barrel Racing Jackpot

2018 Broncs & Honkytonks Indoor Barrel Racing Jackpot

Over the last few years I'm truly amazed how this jackpot as grown and I'm so thankful for every single person who has contributed to the success of this jackpot!

The 12th Annual Broncs and Honkytonks Indoor Barrel Racing Jackpot held on the same

weekend as the spring pro rodeo in Medicine Hat, AB will be held on Saturday April 7, 2018 at the Cypress Centre Field House. (for directions please see below). Start time will be 10am.

It will be a 4D 5tenth split.

It will be an open jackpot but youth and pee wee are strongly encouraged to enter. NO MEMBERSHIPS REQUIRED TO ENTER!!

The pattern is the same size as they use for the pro rodeo. The only difference is we move it 15ft closer to the gate. Tipped barrels and a broken pattern will be considered a no time. *broken patterns are considered as soon as the eye is triggered. No re runs will be given due to broken tack. I will judge what we will be raking after the slack for the rodeo to see how the ground holds ups as it has been done previous years! In the event of a timer failure, reruns will be ran at the end of the draw and any penalties (i.e. tipped barrel) that occurred in the first run will be carried over.

This jackpot will not be cancelled due to weather. If it’s miserable outside there will be a quick warm up half way through. The jackpot is NOT WESTERN ATTIRE- so you can bundle up if need be! (Let’s hope for a nice spring!)

PRE ENTRIES: It will be open from MARCH 1 at 12pm until MARCH 30 at 12pm. Anyone entering after 12pm on the 30th or the morning of the jackpot will be put at the bottom of the draw, so if you want to bring more than one horse you risk running them close together or back to back. I strongly encourage you to pre enter (last year no entries were accepted the day of) ! IMPORTANT: Last year we pushed our time constraints a little. This year 200 ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. I wish a cap wasn't needed, I really do, but the arena needs to be clear for prep for the CPRA rodeo. Please do not send in pre entries before March 1 unless arrangements have made (basically everywhere has Wi-Fi now so really the only acception is if you're flying to the moon). NO time only requests will be accepted until March 1 at noon. Tagging someone’s names in a post on Facebook DOES NOT count for an entry! Please send in an email instead of a Facebook message (or if you cant email, please let me know you’ll be Facebooking me ahead of time) IF YOU PRE ENTER AND SOMETHING COMES UP THAT YOU CANT MAKE IT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP SO I CAN FILL YOUR SPOT- the demand is high! ESPECIALLY FOR TIME ONLIES. *please note the event organizer may refuse entry needed due to previous altercations held at a Broncs and Honkytonks jackpot, or for the safety and wellbeing of fellow competitors and/or horses.

TO PRE ENTER: Please Email springindoorjackpot@gmail.com with the following information:
your name, hometown, your horse’s name(s) (registered name & barn name) and the order you’d like to run your horses if running 2 or more. (You do not need to specify if you need spaced out- I will check to make sure you have plenty of time between horses) Technology is not fool proof! If you DO NOT receive an email back confirming I got your entry please message or call! ESPECIALLY when requesting time onlies. You're automatic reply will be as quick as I can reply. So be patient please. There will be a post made the morning of March 1 reminding everyone to enter so keep your notifications turned on for this event! I will post on the event page how many time only and jackpot spots are available at the halfway mark, almost all filled, etc. (last year time onlies went in MINUTES (felt like seconds) and the jackpot was half full in HOURS)

Time onlies will be held again before the jackpot. ONLY ACCEPTING 50. You can request time onlies when you pre enter. They are a hot commodity so get your entries in fast! CHANGE TO FORMAT FROM 2017: it will not run as an announced draw. When you pay your entry fee you will get a poker chip. There will be no set order for the time onlies so be ready in the back! When you go through the gate you will drop your chip in the bucket with the gate man to get in the arena- no chip, no arena time. The stop watch will start when you enter the arena and a whistle will go off at 45 seconds and it'll go off twice at a minute. 1 horse= 1 time only = 1 minute in the arena = $5. You cannot have more than one time only for the same horse. This keeps more slots open for girls with colts that couldn’t get any due to others having so many slots. The number of time onlies will not change- just trying to keep it fair! Please be courteous to others and enter and exit quickly.

Fee’s have been increased for 2018 to $80 and are CASH ONLY! The increased entry fee is to make a BAD ASS PAYOUT!!! $10 per run taken out to cover MHES arena/timer and admin fees leaving $70 into the pot- there are no hidden fees!!! Feel free to ask for a breakdown.

Time Onlies must be paid for by 8:15 and Entry Fees need to be paid for before 9:30 or you will not be allowed in the arena.

The draw will not be posted until 7am the morning of the jackpot. If you have any concerns with this please feel free to contact me as there are reasons for it! The final draw will be posted at 9:30 that morning. There will be 2 lists- one alphabetical to make things easy and the standard draw in numerical order so you know who you follow. Please know your number and be ready to run when you are called. If you’re running late please call me or if you pre entered and cannot make it please let me know!

I will have payout and results up as quickly as I can so please be patient and remain out of the office while this is happening.

Office is open at 7am
Open Riding: 7-8
Time Onlies: 8:15-9:30
Arena prep: 9:30-10:00
Start Time: 10:00
*please no barrel work during open riding as it does get crowded in there

Directions to the Cypress Centre:
***You do NOT go in the back way (Contestant Entrance) for the Summer Pro Rodeo (through Cuyler Road)

From the intersection of Highway #1 and Dunmore Road
-Turn North and continue down Dunmore Road to the fourth (4th) set of lights.
-Turn right onto 28th Street (look for overhead sign with Stampede logo and there will be a black and brick standing billboard on your right- it should have info about the spring rodeo on it)
-Then take the 3rd right to Fieldhouse (Gate 1).
-Follow the road past the Office to go by the barns to the back field behind the Cypress Centre to park.

(i have an air photo thats marked up with pretty lines and colors if anyone needs)

GPS Coordinates – 50.021059, -110.652499

Any help throughout the day is greatly appreciated as everyone working it is family and friends volunteering! I am so excited for another fun day of barrel racing and look forward to seeing everyone! This jackpot brings in barrel racers from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan anywhere from 6 year olds just staring out to pro’s competing in the rodeo.

Self penning is allowed and stalls will be available! Based on last year: $20 a night and shavings are $10 a bag. There will be lots so there is no need to reserve them ahead of time. Jim Stearns will be the "Barn Man". There is a camper trailer by the barns where he accepts payment and will assign stalls. There is water on site. Please DO NOT try to leave horses in the arena or the stock pens out back- this has been an issue in the past!

Any questions or concerns OR to inquire on sponsorship opportunities please feel free to email me at the spring indoor jackpot email (springindoorjackpot@gmail.com), contact me via Facebook, or text/call me at 403-502-1288.


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2055-21st Ave SE, T1A 7N1
Medicine Hat
07 April , Saturday 07:00

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