2016 Justice For TJ Sydney Rally

For 12 years the Hickey family and Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) Sydney have continued to fight for justice for Kamilaroi youth TJ Hickey. In 2004 while TJ was riding his bike in Waterloo, a Redfern Police vehicle driven by Constable Michael

Hollingsworth initiated a pursuit of TJ. As a result of the police action TJ’s bike was rammed and then TJ was impaled on the metal spiked fence of the Tarunga units. Life saving medical procedures for TJ were refused by the attendant police and TJ died in hospital the next day. The cover up of the Redfern police murder of TJ Hickey started immediately.

On the day TJ died, the then NSW premier Bob Carr and Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, appeared on NSW parliament steps denying the police murdered TJ. Meanwhile evidence, including witnesses testimonies was denied from being heard at the original TJ Coronial Inquiry. Such bald-faced lies lead to the Gail Hickey family and ISJA to organise a continued successful fightback for justice for TJ for the past 12 years. They have organised marches every year from the fence line to NSW Parliament House, Minister’s offices, police stations, Coroner’s Court, the Attorney General and other places. The UTS Students’ Association donated a plaque to the Hickey family to be affixed to the fence line. NSW police opposed TJ’s plaque because it states that TJ died under police pursuit and as a result the plaque was never affixed to the fence line. Lately, the police offered an alternative plaque that was rejected by the Hickey Family because it was a total lie.

The Gail Hickey Family and ISJA Sydney have collected new evidence that was offered to the authorities to re open the TJ inquiry. Justice for TJ Petitions have been presented to NSW Government, Parliament and the Attorney General. During the presentation of the French Human rights award to Ray Jackson, ISJA and deaths in custody families, the French Government acknowledged TJ Hickey and all other deaths in custody were murdered by police across Australia. Yet the NSW Government and the Police have continued to deny the truth with continued racist harassment and intimidation of the Hickey Family with pursuit of lies.
Justice for TJ and all other deaths in custody!
Open a new TJ inquiry!
Apology and compensation to the Hickey family!
Protect the TJ Memorial!
Affix the TJ plaque on the fence line!
Hands off Waterloo Public Housing!
Stop all deaths in custody!
Build communities not prisons!
Organised by the Hickey Family and Indigenous Social Justice Association Sydney
Ken Canning burraga_gutya@hotmail.com or Raul Bassi 0403 037 376 or isjasydneyray@gmail.com or Facebook/2016 Justice For TJ Rally

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TJ Hickey Park Cnr George & Phillip St Waterloo
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14 February , Sunday 10:30