15th Annual Drunk Dash

Greetings Dashers & Future Dashers!

You are invited to the 15th Annual Drunk Dash on Saturday, September 16, 2017 starting at 5pm at Labby's Grill & Bar. Labby's is the official start of the Drunk Dash. But you can join anytime during the dash! This year all proceeds are going to El Zagal Shrine

in Fargo for the children's hospital.

DATE: Saturday, September 16, 2017
LOCATION: Labby's Grill & Bar in Fargo, ND
TIME: 5pm (official start time)
COST: $20 (official Drunk Dash t-shirt)
SHIRT ORDER DUE DATE: Monday, August 28, 2017

The official Drunk Dash shirts are the jersey shirts (three-quarter sleeves), with the colors for this year being Heather Grey/Red in honor of The Shriners (red) and (heather grey) to commemorate 15 years of The Drunk Dash! Feel free to dress up accordingly, within reason, and make this a fun night!

No orders will be accepted after this date and no orders will be placed without payment. So if you order a shirt and you don't get us money by that time....no shirt for you. This gives everyone plenty of time to get their orders and money in so don't be that guy/gal begging to get a shirt a week after the deadline. As there is nothing we can do. Thank you!

Hotel Rooms for around $90 a night!

Contact Expressway Suites or Candlewood Suites of Fargo and mention The Drunk Dash! To receive your special rates on rooms for the weekend of September 16th! Don't forget to thank the hotels for supporting The Drunk Dash.

Spicy Pie of Downtown Fargo is the official food stop for The Drunk Dash the special for the night is; Order a pitcher of beer or 4 drinks on one ticket and receive ANY Single-Topping 18" Pizza for just $5!

In order to get officially signed up for the Drunk Dash, you MUST order a shirt to be officially registered and you must be at least 21 years old to participate. The event is public so feel free to share it with your friends, family and everyone you know!

Information you will need when placing your shirt order to officially register to participate in the Drunk Dash:

1. Full Name
2. Shirt Size
3. # of years you've attended prior to this year

You can either register with one of the founders. But, your order won't be 'official' until payment (cash) is received. Otherwise, The Drunk Dash can now accept shirt orders and payments on PayPal (details provided below).

We officially start at Labby's at 5:00 pm and then proceed to DASH! The official Dash order is listed below, but is not necessary to participate.

1. Labby's (Starting Bar at 5pm! Arrive a little early.)
2. The Turf - TBD (if open by this time)
3. Herd & Horns (if The Turf is not open)
4. Chub's
5. The Bomb Shelter
6. Bismarck
7. Empire

8. Spicy Pie Downtown - Halfway!

9. Sidestreet Grille & Pub
10. Pickled Parrot
11. VFW
12. Rooters
13. Fort Noks
14. Sports Bar
15. Old Broadway (OB)
16. Duffy's

The Drunk Dash claims NO LIABILITY for this event. We suggest forming a dash team and pacing yourself at each bar, so you can enjoy the entire event.

Drunk Dash has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy, and if any incident is to occur (i.e. vandalism, assault, non-compliant to bar policies, police calls, etc.), you will be permanently banned from participating in any future Drunk Dashes. Please remember you are representing, not only The Drunk Dash, but the charity of El Zagal Shriners Fargo and we want to both keep and protect our positive reputation in the community. Thank you!

Remember we are all here to have a good time by enjoying a few drinks for a good charitable cause. While reuniting with friends and most likely meeting new ones while dashing the streets of Fargo. We've never had much of a problem on any of our previous Drunk Dashes with people starting fights or doing anything extraordinarily dumb or embarrassing so let's keep this trend going of no problems and the Drunk Dash reputation protected! We are a pub crawl, but a responsible pub crawl with a positive reputation in the community. Let's keep it that way. Please arrange for a safe and sober ride home!

Founder contact Information:

Dusty O'Schultz

Dustin Novacek

David Westman

Christi Westman

Drunk Dash is now accepting payment through PayPal for all shirt orders! This makes it even more easy and convenient for you to participate in the Drunk Dash and ensure that you can get your shirt for the 15th Annual Drunk Dash in 2017! You just need to follow these simple steps.

1. Go to https://www.paypal.com/

2. On the top of the page click on "Send" to reveal the menu to "Send Money in a few clicks"

3. Enter the Drunk Dash email of drunkdash@gmail.com in the "Their email or phone number" box and $20.00 in the "Amount" box, and click continue.

4. Select "Friends or Family" ONLY.

5. Log In to your PayPal account or Sign Up for one, it's quick and easy!

6. On the payment screen, ensure that it is drunkdash@gmail.com and $20.00 for the payment amount.

Click on "Write a note (Optional)" and provide us, the Drunk Dash your order information of
(a) First and Last Name:
(b) Size of Shirt:
(c) # of Years.

Then, for the "Recipient's first and last name" enter "David Westman" (Drunk Dash Founder) and for the "Recipient's country of residence" select 'United States' and select continue.

7. PayPal will ask you to confirm the payment. If you are paying with a credit card, there will be a transaction fee of .88 cents. However, if paying with a checking account or debit card there is no transaction fee. Please confirm the amount and your 'order information' for the Drunk Dash and then click on "Send Money Now". You are done! Drunk Dash will confirm that we have received your payment successfully via email (if it was provided with your PayPal payment).

Any additional questions feel free to ask. We will see you at the 15th Annual Drunk Dash!

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1100 19th Ave N, 58102
16 September , Saturday 17:00

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