10 Days Basic Awareness on Ayurveda Training

The vast science of Ayurveda has been weaved perfectly in a seven days program to offer maximum information to the students. The flow of the course will be as follows:

• Introduction to the Ayurvedic Science
• The art of medication through Ayurveda
• Health and Vitality with the spectacles of ancient

• Aims, objectives, and branches of Ayurveda
• Panchamabhuta or the five elements
• Tridosha or the three elements
• The Sapta Dhatus or the seven metals of human body
• The six tastes of human body
• The most common form and causes of disease
• Daily routines and how to engage Ayurvedic principles
• Ayurveda Treatments
• Panchakarma or Detoxification Treatments

The focus of this course is majorly on theoretical learning and understanding the science intricately, as this course lays the base of any further studies in the same field. Also, the teachers will take the students through a visual understanding of the practical application of a few Ayurvedic treatments.

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Near helipad, North cliff, Thiruvananthapuram
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07 April , Saturday 06:00